Yoruba dating

Later around 900 AD, the Igbo-Ukwo was making finely and intricately worked, bronze ceremonial objects.

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The Ife art was the most ancient in the forest region of Nigeria, simply because the Ife civilisation goes as far back as 300 - 500 BC.

Yoruba mythology states that, in the beginning, the universe was made up of only two elements: the sky above and a watery chaos below.

Oduduwa (a servant of the Supreme Being, Olodumare) was tasked with creating the Earth.

Benin Coral 18th C "This brass helmet is used in the Ododua ritual, in honour of the father of Oranmiyan, the legendary founder of the ruling dynasty.

The dance is performed by seven masqueraders who wear brass helmets and carry ceremonial swords to signify their high status.

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