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That was the first public confirmation of a relationship that had only been rumored to that point.

The story is quite well known by now: Erica and Rory met when Stoll was the PGA of America employee who noticed that Mc Ilroy was missing from Medinah Country Club on the final day of play at the 2012 Ryder Cup.

Caroline Wozniacki has moved on from her messy split with Rory Mc Ilroy and is now believed to be dating an NFL player.They had already broken up once by then, but gotten back together.Not long after that May 2011 dinner, however, the couple split for good.In the earliest appearances by Mc Ilroy at professional tournaments, Holly was often there with him.One of the last photos of them out in public together was taken at the 2011 European Tour Players Awards gala in May of 2011.

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