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Olin had a passion for firearms and holds 24 patents regarding firearms and ammunition manufacturing.Eventually he rose to president and Chairman of the Board of the Olin Corporation.The only place to mount a scope was on the left side of the receiver.For a time a scope mount was made that placed the scope on the left side of the rifle.The rifle’s performance had not been compromised, but its aesthetics were terrible.Sintered steel came out purple when subjected to the traditional bluing process.

The West may have largely been settled, but there was still plenty of wild country out there, and farmers and settlers still needed to feed and protect their families.Browning came up with a way of having a single locking lug positioned transversally, as opposed to the pair of locking lugs in the ’86 and ’92 models.On August 21, 1894 Browning obtained patent number 524702 for the rifle, and by November the first Model 1894 Winchester rifles were made available to the public.Under his leadership Winchester reached its pinnacle in terms of design and workmanship of firearms.When he retired in 1963 the new leaders of Winchester decided to make the company’s line more profitable.

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