Why is clonidine sedating

When considering combinations of drugs, knowledge of their context sensitive half-times is essential.

Propofol is extensively used in the intensive care setting as a sedative.

Background Sedation is an important treatment for critically ill patients who need a machine to support breathing, because it reduces anxiety and stress and facilitates the delivery of nursing care.

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Sedation allows the depression of patients' awareness of the environment and reduction of their response to external stimulation.Concerns with clinical scoring systems include interpreter variability and a lack of clear discrimination between deeper levels of sedation.Ensuring patient comfort requires a multidisciplinary approach in addition to pharmacotherapy.How much sedation is given, and for how long, is important in determining patient outcome as both over and under-sedation can have potentially deleterious consequences.Over-sedation can increase time on ventilatory support and prolong ICU duration of stay.

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