Who is brandon barash dating

Later, he attended the University of Southern California where Barash obtained BFA degree in Acting. Barash joined Memorial High School in Houston, Texas.Barash and Storms even worked together in longest running American television serial drama, General Hospital but unfortunately, they divorced due to the cliche irreconcilable differences.

Brandon even clicked like on Kirsten’s Instagram posts of her new romance, so that’s nice.He also played this role from the year 2007 to the year 2016.Barash has played in the rock group "Port Chuck" along with his former General Hospital co-stars Scott Reeves, Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson.Other TV shows and movies he has been a part of include the likes of Crash Landing, NCIS, Ten Inch Hero, Tell Me You Love Me and 24.Barash’s groundbreaking role has come in a very successful TV series, General Hospital as Johnny Zacchara.

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