Who is bow wow dating currently

The rapper writes things like, “Me and you against the world baby,” tagging her and telling his 3.6 million followers, “go follow my wife page.”Although he has referred to her as his “wife,” there have been no reports (or a ring) to confirm a marriage status.

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She said she likes both men and women, but is exclusively focused on whomever she dates at the time.So the story of the rapper and the new Bow Wow girlfriend begins like most of the stories among young people that are falling for each other it appears that they are partying a lot since he remained single once and for all and they have plenty of pictures posted on the internet together, so it is natural that people talk about them as a couple and that they are linked to one another.Even though the rapper is not so old yet he has had one really serious relationship in his life with the former Bow Wow girlfriend Angela Simmons who is the star of Run’s House and they have been going on for a while for a period of years, but their relationship were really difficult, because they broke up and they got together again so as soon as they announced about the end of their relationship people would expect them to get back together after some tome, but this time it looks like the brake up is really serious, because the former Bow Wow girlfriend has moved on from their love and found a new boyfriend, who is a star of NBA named Brandon Jennings.If you want to know more about her, then keep reading for details from Kiyomi Leslie’s wiki, right here!We will tell you everything you need to know about her career, family background, and interesting facts about her life.

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