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Then he will be brutally assaulted by one or more of the female characters.

What makes this amusing is not necessarily the sequence of events, but rather the constant stream of increasingly unlikely misfortunes that befall Keitaro to land him in these situations and the disproportionate, inconceivably painful results.

In so doing, however, you would deprive yourself of a surprisingly enjoyable experience. It recognises which genre it pertains to and never attempts to stray outside of it; only to excel within its boundaries.In fact, most of the humour is equally self-aware and shows a flagrant disregard for the fourth wall.Many are the direct references to stock character archetypes, dating sims and other things which 's world and protagonists very clearly resemble.It is also worth giving special mention to Keitaro here.Whilst most male leads in a harem anime are dry, obnoxious, or both, Keitaro is a sympathetic character, all the more admirable for his failings and his attempts to overcome them. What the show does, however, is recognise this truism and cater directly to the sort of audience who will enjoy a harem-based romance comedy.

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