Validating xml using xsd

To validate the XML in the DOM, you can validate the XML as it is loaded into the DOM by passing a schema-validating Xml Reader to the Load method of the Xml Document class, or validate a previously unvalidated XML document in the DOM using the Validate method of the Xml Document class.

Inner Xml = "A" Dim price Nodes As Xml Node List = document. Select Single Node("/bk:bookstore/bk:book/bk:price", manager) Console. I have then created a very basic XSD and both methods work when validating the XML against this.So obviously the more complicated XSD I want to validate against is making a difference, but I would expect them to either both fail or both pass, not one fail and one pass. The example below is similar to the example in "Validating an XML Document As It Is Loaded into the DOM" above. As a result, typed XML data replaces previously untyped XML data.

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