Updating wii flash player

Using unlicensed homebrew applications and games – Homebrew is software that programmers unofficially code, which often release the software for free online.

Some mod chips allow users to install and use homebrew software on the Wii.

Installing and running Wii virtual console games and channels – By using specialized processes, installing Wii virtual console games and downloadable content and channels is possible without actually purchasing them from the Shop Channel.

The card must be formatted in either FAT16 or FAT32 for the Wii console to read it.

Note: Wii consoles with certain firmware versions cannot be modified with a pre-modded chip. It is important that the Wii Firmware is below a certain “menu” version to have full compatibility with the Wii Homebrew.

New systems that have been manufactured after a certain date will have updates already applied to the system that disable the functionality of pre-modded chips. Exploiting Software – This is special software that is created for the sole purpose of causing the Wii to crash and load up a different code through the SD Card.

Mod chips also allow for: Launching copied or backed up game discs – Several pre-modded chips are specially designed to allow copied game media to run.

Both Wii and Game Cube discs can be copied to various types of DVD media.

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