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The Valentine One radar detector is a great device.It allows you to continue at a regular speed without having to worry about speed cameras and red lights.Numerous customers praised the mount with which it comes, saying that it is very solid and comes with a long cord, both coiled and straight, depending on your personal preference.

Not only this, it can tell you the number of radar units, also known as “bogeys”, being detected.

First and foremost, this Valentine One model has been reported to detect speed cameras from as far as a mile away.

With this in mind, it can give you plenty of time to slow down before getting caught by a cop car.

Lastly, one of the key reasons Valentine One is one of the leading radar detector manufacturers is because, despite the fact that the design of the company’s devices has remained the same since 1992, even older models can be sent back for a hardware and software update.

While charges do apply, this is something not seen with any other manufacturer in the industry today.

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