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If you’ve pre-ordered a game, your key will be delivered to your email a day before the official (or early access) release date.

You will also receive a notification via email when your key becomes available.

The release date for Football Manager 2020 is set to be either November 1 or November 8, although it has not yet been confirmed.

Past Football Manager games have typically released in the first or second week of November, and usually on Fridays, with official announcements planned for August and September.

As well as that, the game featured official Bundesliga club names and badges after an agreement was reached with the German league, while female coaches were also included.

Each year, Sports Interactive strives to improve its game engine in order to provide players with the best possible visual experience.

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You take an active role on the training ground, developing your squad and fine-tuning the preparations for upcoming matches.The price of Football Manager 2020 is likely to be £37.99 in the UK and .99 in the US at launch - the same cost as Football Manager 2019 and Football Manager 2018.Although the price has not yet been confirmed, it is not expected to vary much from previous editions even if it does rise.Two years ago Football Manager 2018 had seen an increase of £3, with Football Manager 2017 retailing at £34.99.To put the price into perspective, the standard edition of FIFA 19 cost £59.99 (.99), while the standard Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 game initially cost £49.99 (.99). Football Manager Touch and Football Manager Mobile will be cheaper than the full game.

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