Updating my rac sat navs

In this guide we'll explain how to update your sat nav with the latest mapping, including where to find new maps and how to install them.

Just looking for the best sat nav or sat nav app for you?

with your Volkswagen can be difficult at times, especially when you have so many things to think about.

Here at Volkswagen, we have created these short videos to help show you how quick and easy it can be.

We’ve got Core, Advanced and Traffic ranges for cars, camper vans and trucks to assist the needs of all motorists.

Choose the right sat nav for you - whether you’re making local trips, exploring Europe or even venturing further abroad, there’s a device with features to make your journeys simpler.

It will usually tell you to visit a 'map updates' or 'support' area of your sat nav manufacturer's website. You'll most likely be asked to plug in your sat nav via a USB cable (use the one that came with the sat nav if you can, as not all USB cables may be compatible), and then prompted to download a small software file.

The latest available map packs are available for the following devices; .

If your sat nav is a few years old, however, you may have to pay for such updates - and with Best Buy sat navs starting at around £80, it may be worth treating yourself to a new model rather than paying to update your old one.

We recommend updating your sat nav maps every six to twelve months.

The link below offers you the channel logos for Great Britain in ZIP format. Simply save the file to a directory of your choice with a click on the link below. Unzip the zip file and search for the relevant logos.

The logos are only provided for use in Volkswagen Radio systems (composition media, Discovermedia, Discover Pro).

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