Updating customer information letter S e x 2013

Based on the comments we received from many of you during the past year, we designed a new statement that is easier to read, provides more detailed information about your plan account, and presents investment information in a simpler format.All of the information you need is conveniently located on the front page of the statement, with additional details on the succeeding pages.Over the last week we have confirmed lecture times with all the speakers, received 1,354 RSVPs and made accommodations for each participant.John has secured a team of receptionists and ushers for the event and hired a team to handle miscellaneous setup tasks. Although much remains to be done, we have every reason to believe that we still have time to focus thoroughly on each detail before the seminar.This will remind the customer that changes were made to the account.

Contact the customer to advise him that his account has been updated.

The other good news is that the new solution is friendly to the environment.

We know you will be pleased the next time you have your finest fabrics cleaned at Doe's.

As always, if you have any questions, please call your plan's toll-free number during regular business hours.

A business continues to exist because of its customers.

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