Updating ambiguous beliefs

This technique is computationally efficient, but loses some information since only the interpretation of the signals is retained and not the full signal.

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One of our main contributions is showing that the model provides a formal foundation for why agents who observe exactly the same stream of information can end up becoming increasingly polarized in their posteriors.

that are weaker axioms than dynamic consistency, this paper axiomatizes the Dempster–Shafer updating rule and naive Bayes’ updating rule within the framework of Choquet expected utility.

You observe another detonation on the border between the two countries but cannot determine the source.

Based only on the provided information: The general form of this problem is ubiquitous in many areas of life. Our paper “Updating Prior Beliefs Based on Ambiguous Evidence”, which was accepted at the prestigious 40th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (Cog Sci 2018) in Madison, Wisconsin, addresses this problem.

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