Ubuntu 9 10 not updating from cd initial approach dating

You might end up with several broken packages, but you'll be easily able to fix it by reinstalling them (if you don't have anything important configured manually you can purge those packages and install them).

If it did not work there is another option (but it's ugly): I had an accident with an upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 (broken packages, upgrade stopped in the middle) and the solution I used to recover was to remove everything but after switching to new and upgrading the system via dist-upgrade.

What I usually do it connect the adapter to USB after first startup, go to Terminal and type to the end, save, and restart. however, I think there is a more proper way to do it.

Seems like this is the official way to get the wireless adapter running, will update.

Your best bet is probably to report it to Ubuntu as a bug, with the exact steps to reproduce (as above). Also, you could try redirecting the output of the update to a file (if this is possible in Update Manager), so you get a log that tells you where exactly the system crashed. Also, try to use the hint from the bug report you linked, to get the system to boot even after the problem occured.

ubuntu 9 10 not updating from cd-17

After a restart, I went to the Update Manager to get all the updates and it finds 227 update packages.Since it didn't fix the problem you can do it more Debian way.Replace you content with ubuntu 10.04 and perform aptitude dist-upgrade.Edit 2: So I have set up my wireless adapter differently this time, using Ralink's driver (rt2870sta) rather than a community-written driver (rt2800usb). Do the freezes happen at other times as well or only during updates?Once again, I will try to download the important security updates ONLY. System freezes can be caused by wonky drivers and bad hardware, and can be difficult to diagnose.

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