Ty pennington dating history

Interestingly, the duo’s romance without legal marriage has been on for over two decades now!

Although Andrea Bock and her longtime boyfriend have not been known to get married legally, they are of the view that what matters is the life they share.

So, the only family to which we can link Andrea bock is the one she shares with Ty.

Indeed, Ty once spoke of building a home with Andrea.

Even her exact place and date of birth are lacking.

There are however many sources reporting that she was born in the late 1960s in the United States.

star Ty Pennington brought solace to countless challenged homes via the program.

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However, many of his fans have been wanting to get detailed facts about his wife (or is it girlfriend? Although Andrea shuns media attention, a look into her life reveals a level of uniqueness never seen elsewhere.

She also reportedly attended Sprayberry High School the same as Ty Pennington.

While we cannot get more information about Andrea’s early life, family or education history, she has reportedly worked as a celebrity manager in Hollywood.

Born to school psychologist Yvonne Burton, Ty was raised by a single mother for several years.

Later, she remarried and Ty and his elder brother Wynn were adopted by their stepfather and given his surname Pennington.

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