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To stop a scammer, you can report him to law enforcement, websites and wire transfer companies.Report to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint, the website where his profile is posted, and c Some guy on Facebook tried to scam me too.Then he asks in you have, or can download now, google Hangouts app (free txt, sms messaging w/call capability). He mentioned he need 30% to get parts to fix problem.

Then started saying something about his phone, not working right, hardly at all. I told him my money was in working funds which take my attorney and estate planner to approve before I could get any money. His expression in writing is almost perfect and he speaks very good English.

He private messaged me saying he had cancer he is dieing.

He is a millionaire wanting to leave me all his money etc....

There was only one photo and just enough info., age, height, and the line "HELLO - Am single here looking for someone spacial to spend the rest of my life with if possible ltr". Now he is asking me for "assistance" that he needs my help.

Most people post 2-4 photos and fill out the profile. But he wont come right out and say I need money from you.

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