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If the scammers, limited swipes, and zero search options aren’t enough for you.So yes, I would pay for a Ukrainian dating site but only if: So we already have some articles on this particular Ukrainian dating site, if you are interested in that.Here is a gentle reminder of why Ukrainian girls are superior anyway: Even when you meet a girl through Tinder, you will have to do quite a lot of chasing. Having her choose the first date venue might seem chivalrous but it actually puts her in a very uncomfortable situation. Well, because Ukrainian hospitality is a real thing.For starters, she will not be as willing to pass to Messanger/Viber/Whats App/another messaging app of choice as you might expect. She would want to bring you to the best restaurant/café/bar possible and she will constantly worry that you are not liking it enough. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to ask her if she likes it.Ukrainian women are nothing like their Western counterparts, remember?

Mamba does not have that obvious advantage but it definitely gives you more choice.

But bear in mind that free stuff is never actually free.

In the case of Tinder, they have a lot of personal data and not the best policy of dealing with it.

Prepare for a good two to three days of just talking, this is pretty standard in Ukraine. More importantly, don’t make it an off-the-grid secluded area or your apartment. Alright, so Tinder is inevitably the king of online dating.

It’s free, the girls are beautiful, and there are a lot of them, too.

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