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As Plath was in the C-Section of the paper, a possible article mentioning the armistice is "Reds Threaten Air Attacks If Truce Talks Fail" on C1.

This may also be the second article Plath refers to about the stalemate and saving face...

The structure below is the journal entry number, the page number from the 2000 Faber/Anchor edition on which the entry begins, and then the supplied dates. Mac Gonigle, age 103, tells how to live to a ripe maturity: "Eat lots of fish and keep away from busses and trains." As Plath was in Swampscott, I figured she was reading The Boston Globe.

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Sylvia takes offense to title challenge Tim Sylvia isn’t happy that after Chuck Liddell dominated Randy Couture in two light heavyweight titles, Couture is now challenging Sylvia for the heavyweight title.

1950-1953 Journal In the newspaper, the dead lock over a Korean armistice is still going on; a widow Tabor's letter about saving face and squeezing out more than a stalemate of the Chinese forces is getting a big play; Anglo-Iranian crisis is still rampant; senate voting a cut in foreign aid . The article was on page 41, not page 14 as Plath wrote.

Some of the other articles mentioned are: There were a couple of articles on the Korean situation.

The point of it was to show how the Letters of Sylvia Plath, in conjunction with additional archival resources--Plath's and otherwise--could be used to date undated entries in Plath's journals.

Now that both volumes are published and I had a bit more time on my hands, I revisited Plath's published Journals to see how many more entries could be dated exactly, approximately, or just not at all.

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