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Threats of abandonment, retaliation, or non-participation can get another person to temporarily fall in line to satisfy the other’s demands while sacrificing their own.

There is no need to have power struggles because they strive to agree on who flies left seat and when each has the best chance to lead the team better. People who love each other want to be the best they can be for the other.

In an increasingly insecure dating world, many patients ask me for simple guidelines to help them better navigate the turbulent relationship sea.

Relentlessly battered by media-overwhelm, online dating challenges, and a plethora of books, they no longer know what or who to believe.

Trust can only hold when each partner willingly supports those agreements, whether they are in each other’s presence or not. That doesn’t mean that what is being asked for can always be granted, but the interest and support is there.

Sometimes bids for connection can be presented in a demanding or self-serving manner, or at an inopportune time.

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