The bombettes dating scene

Despite their initial negative views about Belle in the beginning, however, they eventually grew to respect her late in the book, as demonstrated by their willingly volunteering to help Belle prepare the bookstore for its grand reopening by making decorations for it.Although they were in love with Gaston, their actual relationship with Gaston varied: in the original film as well as the comics, it is strongly implied that Gaston completely ignored them (outside of general acknowledgement that they love him in the case of the comics) in favor of Belle since childhood, with the latter source having Gaston ending up outraged when he discovered one of them posing as Belle; while in the musical, they were mentioned to have some sort of romantic relationship prior to Gaston pursuing Belle.Collectively, the Bimbettes are lovestruck maidens who swoon for Gaston, primarily due to his handsome physique.Like Gaston, they primarily like someone largely because of how they look, although it is unclear if they are obsessed with their own looks like Gaston is.The same issue also implied they were good at mathematics or at the very least counting, as their first appearance in the issue had them counting up to 783 when watching Gaston use books as barbells.

In one of the comics, they were shown trying to attract Gaston's attention while sledding.In addition, their dresses, or at least Claudette's, possessed a ribbon on the posterior.Their physical beauty was high enough for Le Fou to briefly react with some infatuation for them, prior to their accidentally squirting Le Fou with water.They think Belle is crazy for not admiring Gaston as much as they do, though they seemed to be oblivious to Gaston's aggressive and sexist demeanor. Unlike Belle, they have some desire to get married and be a man's wife.They do not seem to have any respect for Gaston's partner Le Fou, at least in the Marvel Comics.

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