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Their energy is contagious, and they have a certain kind of spunk that we just love! 1) The friendship between them will make you wish you had a mentor like Robert in your life.

They might be dancing as part of a competition, but it’s become clear over the past few weeks that, most importantly, they’re dancing for each other.

is an inspirational and emotional look into the life’s work of dance instructor Denise Wall, whose name is likely familiar to you if you’re an insider to the modern dance community.

But even if you’re only familiar with the most famous iterations of dance in pop culture (‘s second season, Travis Wall finished as runner-up, but immediately established himself as the standard of dance throughout the series.

Their Periscopes are hilarious, and in addition to J. trying to get Robert some hot dates via the video-feed, fans are able to get an inside look at their pre-performance routine.

His parents were convinced by his potential and eventually sent him to the famous but expensive Gainesville Dance Center.

Robert played the role of her supportive son Travis.", "Dancers: Robert Roldan & Allison Holker Choreo by Travis Wall I'm such a huge fan of Travis' works, and this piece will always have a special place in my heart.", "SYTYCD Robert & Allison, contemporary to \"Fix You.

One of the most touching and vulnerable performances I've ever seen!

One such artist who has cleverly utilized all the modern social media channels to grow his fame is JT Church.

He is a gifted child, who started showing interest in dancing at a very young age.

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