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This book provides a new perspective on these questions by offering a novel theory of revisionist challenges to international order.It argues that rising powers sometimes seem to face the condition of 'status immobility', which activates social psychological and domestic political forces that push them toward lashing out in protest against status quo rules, norms, and institutions.Because these depictions of women are as false and one-sided as are any rules of dating.The rise of China and other great powers raises important questions about the persistence and stability of the 'liberal international order'.

Can a dating show ever allow a woman to be happy, to be having fun and owning her life and doing what she wants to do, evolving as she does it?

(Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.) in which we got glimpses into Patti Stanger's sometimes troubled dating life.

The underlying theme here is that even if you're an expert telling other women (and sometimes men) how to date, you're not necessarily so great at it yourself.

This is a vicious cycle, but it works: Women (and men) are confused about dating, because who isn't?

Hoping to get it right, we tune into a show or read a book to teach us "The Rules." And then, maybe, we feel better: We weren't all that bad to start with!

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