Something awful invades sony dating game

We have those defenses up for a reason: The dating game is a challenge, and it’s one that us women stand to lose more often than not.

a quick explanation: i frequent a forums web site called something awful.

some of the responses were posted on something awful, and i just saved most of the screen captures.

some of them were so damn funny i literally had tears running down my face. (some of them didn't have the questions in the screencap, so i just wrote it in above them.) (From Anne_Pearson): I was making long speeches about how that guy would be punished by eternal damnation if he didn't succomb to the Lord and repent for his sins of homosexuality and how the chooser's poor grammar was an affront to the intellect God blessed the human race with and shit.

it works just like any lame dating show you've seen on t.v... Look no further than the continuing tide of movements like #Me Too and #Times Up for a sense of how many women have been in situations with men whose endgames are clear.It’s one thing to be quickly complimented in a bar or on the street, but even that can ring the alarm for those of us who’ve felt trapped on the other end of a hustle like the ones La Ruina advocates.La Ruina at least discourages his in-scene avatar from doing that, or asking a girl home too early — but the operative word there remains “too early.” That’s made all the more clear when you respond the wrong way and cut back to La Ruina, now alone in his hotel room.He doesn’t say it outright, but he sure does look like he misses those cats of his.

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