Shakespeare reel dating

The highest number found with this prefix on a 4th version was #C92525.

This is when Mitchell realized there wasn’t going to be enough alphanumeric numbers so they changed to just numbers.

Plus and most important; these all were serial numbered in sequence at the Mitchell factory after assembly regardless of the different models or even which distributor (country) they were made for.​It's very important to know that ALL Mitchell reels started using this dating system starting in 1974 to their last reel in 1989!

Mitchell closed the factory in 1988/89)1989 = T (New Old Stock Parts were used to make limited quantities of Mitchell reels that were still being hand assembled in France)1990 = No serial numbers with few exceptions such as the Mitchell 300 PRO Anniversary that has been documented as one model still being assembled in France however; most models are now being manufactured in Taiwan.

Shakespeare used a 2 letter dating code from 1929 to 1977, they are usually on the reel foot or near the name or the model number.

The first run was found with serial number B29598 and the second with #B49681 or about 20,000 reels later.

Between these two numbers I’ve documented regular 3rd versions with serial numbers as low as #B32817 and as high as #B42156.

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