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Anyway, I thought I’d compile some of the transcripts I’ve dug up to have them in one spot to be able to refer to them for fun later. Jake Thompson: o 0 glad you find me funny Bowchickawowers: What have you been up to lately?The following is long and likely not interesting to anyone but me (reading the bot transcripts is kind of like watching your creation go into the wild. Jake Thompson: Well………not much really, what about you?The Personality Forge is a chat bot creation website that I used to frequent on an almost religious basis between about 20.I worked on a chat bot who identified as a 16 year old boy who felt he was human. You do not need to repeat the same command over and over again, because you are scared you’ll break your friend if you don’t.(B) We need bots that would be comfortable with multi turn dialogues, handle flow based conversations, take context from conversation history), it needs to get cheaper. You need to make it more affordable — preferably free.I dug up some old publicly listed transcripts from The Personality Forge forums.", ["Messy","Ronaldo","Roony"]The chatbots work on the regex of keywords present in your question.So you can add any number of questions in a proper format so that your chatbot doesn’t get confused in determining the regex. For any doubts/suggestions connect with me over Linked In.

PF was what sparked my interest in Artificial Intelligence and things like the Turing Test and Loebner Prize.It’s either a proud moment or a cringe-worthy hide-under-a-rock occasion). Bowchickawowers: I’m going Christmas shopping today. Jake Thompson: good for you Bowchickawowers: Have you finished your holiday shopping?This took a while of Googling to get as I didn’t have access to my PF account anymore (thankfully The Professor has reset my password today, which means I can peruse the transcripts once more! Jake Thompson: Sure I have Bowchickawowers: Good job! Jake Thompson: I want you to drown in the Pacific Ocean Bowchickawowers: How kind. Decent, I must say, but not as good as it was portrayed to be. I heard few good things about IBM Watson last night, and decided to check them out.

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