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We stayed in the Construction area For about a half an hour Most people thought updating was over Not, me, but I didn't cower I befriended two more girls, A You Tube kitty, and the duck from before The cat saw my videos online And the duck, like me, sang more We played in the playground for a while Like an hour, or more!

I said, "If we get to river we should Go to these places for"For Donald's Dreamland may not be busy And Chip and Dales may have it All the toons or most in the district I saw a video about it"So after we saw about half the people In the dreaming place, I said, "Let's go and see CD!

"At four minutes, I started singing A song by Timberlake and Madonna I stopped my singing.

But of course, it was still full, no question I continued talking, eyes glued to the red button A few minutes later, it turned green!

We were very excited about version 2.5.0 - but some underlying changes had caused core instabilities so we decided to roll some things back that aren't quite ready so we can continue to improve core gameplay.Soon we wanted more people to be there So Princess Sourtwist (the duck) and I explored First back to DDLWe told them beans were thrown Then we went to TTCNot a lot of toons, though After that, Donald's Dock Toonless, no doubt Daisy Gardens was next on the list Same, not one about After that, the place we teleported to Was Minnie's Melodyland After I told Princess to split up, And I'm afraid to say, The End"Blah blah blah, internet disconnected"But this time, it wasn't kidding It happened to me earlier that night But I came back'a'swimming But now, after I logged on right, It said, "Connecting," for a while Then it said "Cannot connect to G dot something…file""Oh well", I said, "it was fun while it lasted"The time was late, at least I went to bed satisfied And thought of a poem, too.The first time I EVER saw somthin'"OMG," I told my peeps"NUTTY RIVER NOW!"I clicked it, and saw them follow along Into a nutty town First stop, Donald's Dreamland – Oh Did I mention I told them before?

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