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Cold Fusion checks the argument value when it is passed to the function.If the value does not meet the validation criteria, Cold Fusion generates an application exception.As the form is completed, the values are passed immediately to the server as POST variables, the server calculates a result, passing back an XML file which is then parsed to trigger various actions on the page as you will see.

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If you must use a technique for preventing malicious data submissions, consider using the following techniques: The following table lists the types of data you can validate when you use most Cold Fusion validation techniques. Some validation types are not available for all techniques; in these cases the table indicates the limitations.

In HTML and XML format, Cold Fusion generates Java Script that runs on the browser to check whether entered data is valid and provide immediate feedback, if the entry is invalid.

In Flash format, uses Flash built-in validation routines.

Just to get a prettier layout, we’ll put it inside a single col, inside a single row, inside a single container.

Each of these elements have classes that position them nicely.

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