Secretly dating my boss

Michael proposed five years later when he joined Sandra at the end of a work-related trip to France. But workplace romances don't always have happy endings.Messy entanglements can trigger charges ranging from favoritism to harassment.

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For workers who suspect that their colleagues are dating, merely having a hunch about that romance isn't reason enough to immediately report it to a manager, says Career Builder's Haefner.On what would be the last platonic convening, he kissed me on the beach. I wish I could say the rest was history, but the rest was more like social studies of the insane. He explained that he was an extremely private person when it came to dating, and we both agreed we would keep our relationship, or whatever it was, a secret. This didn’t mean we couldn’t step out in public together, just not in the direct West Hollywood parameters where we might arouse curiosity.Beach picnics, movies in the South Bay, drive-by kisses in downtown before I went to class, and late-night appearances at my apartment that involved much more intimacy than booty calls quickly dwindled into a sort of resentment toward our stealthy situation.To guard against those challenges, the percentage of workplaces that have established rules regarding workplace relationships nearly doubled between 20, growing from 25% to 42%, according to a 2013 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management.Such restrictions might include prohibiting employees who have the same supervisor from getting involved, or barring staff members from dating a client.“Companies are by and large getting a little smarter about the importance of having mechanisms in place to protect themselves from sexual harassment complaints when these workplace romances occur and, as a majority of our relationships do, go south,’’ says Edward Yost, a member of the Society for Human Resource Management's employment staff,specializing in employee relations.

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