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I will sacrifice myself for the love we have for each other so that we will become one.

I love you and it is the ultimate sincerity from the bottom of my heart. Though, sometimes, life situation makes us feel rejected but in your case, I want you to always be strong and never be overwhelmed by the condition you find yourself. It is the matter of time and everyone will be fine again.

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I know you didn’t do it, and today those who laid allegation on you are happy thinking that they will last forever. I have really missed you and then hope that we see each other once again until you serve your jail terms.

I remember when we used to be together, those times we spent together in peace and harmony.Though, it is hard to cope without you in this life, but still I want you to be patient and serve your terms.The term is no longer much, so be rest assured that I won’t betray you for my age.You mean everything to me and I will never deny this fact.Until you finish your jail term, I will live to meet you once again. If I can turn the hands of time, I will have been the first to meet you first so I can cheer you up and motivate you to be strong.

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