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But discussing these things may be the way to find what you're really looking for."If you are going out on lots of first dates and find that people aren't looking for serious relationships, then ask some more serious questions," Stef Safran of Stef and the City tells Bustle.For example, asking about politics can do more good than harm. Just as rules should be thrown out the window, so should "scheduling" when you'll have sex for the first time with someone.

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I’ll finish on a bit of a cliche – but it’s always worked for me: just relax and enjoy it.

Sex means different things to different people, and its importance level in someone's life isn't always the same.

If you "force" yourself to have — or not have — sex at a time that doesn't feel right, you're just getting off on the wrong foot.

"Contrary to common dating advice — talking about exes on a first date is actually a great way to learn about the other person and quickly see if there are any red flags that they are not relationship material," Charlee Brotherton, relationship/dating expert and founder of Executive Matchmakers, tells Bustle.

"While going into too much detail and rehashing the past can ruin the romantic mood, asking a few light questions about past relationships can be very revealing."Brotherton suggests asking how their last relationship ended or whether or not they keep in touch with their exes.

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