Rainbow family dating

Hugging a whole crowd of people every day, sharing the moments when you eat, when you wash, when you work – maybe even when you shit – there’s sometimes a lack of the privacy that helps romance to flourish.

Some people also fly so high in the Rainbow, soaring on new-found thermals of the heart, that sex is just too earthy a passion to be realised.

We had grown steadily closer and closer and were both anxious to make love but as we were in the desert water was in short supply.All well and good until it comes to getting naked and she suggests using a condom, only to be patiently told: ‘Sister! Even though the odds of contracting it on a single encounter in the West are slim, the chances obviously increase the more you sleep around and it’s not as if HIV is the only health risk.Talk about this kind of thing in the main circle, however, and many people will shake their heads and wonder why you don’t trust more in the Great Spirit?I remember my first Rainbow romance in the Israeli desert back in 2000.We spent several evenings in a row in each other’s arms, swaying gently to the all-night ragas played by an Austrian duo who had just come back from studying music in Varanasi.

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