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When I moved to Los Angeles (a long time ago), I was pursuing a dream to become a writer for movies and television, so the only people who would hire me and pay me well were attorneys.

It was while working for law firms that I got my initiation into computers, both in terms of mastering word processing, and in how programs come to take over an enterprise.

A key focus is using the programs as they were meant to be used—as a harmonious team to solve various business problems and allow companies to work more efficiently, whether Fortune 100 behemoths or single practitioners with a line of credit from mom and dad.

Most of the companies I worked for used proprietary standalone word processors in which they had a substantial investment.

Then, with the advent of personal computers, many switched to desktop programs, and Word Perfect 5 was king. Other parts of the law firm were using different types of products— Excel spreadsheets, Power Point presentations (although at that time the standard was Harvard Graphics).

The data are compared with the parameters contained in the memory, and the results of these processing is the temperature showed on the display.

The thermometer itself will tell you the correct reading distance, by means of its patented optical aiming system: if the thermometer is too close, or too far away from the skin, the temperature will not call between the two arches.

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