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The main challenge singles face the absence of partners in their life and also there is no time to date.So, if you want to date someone, one option is to go for online dating sites.One of the main features of this app is that profiles are much more in detail than any other app.Besides this, after answering a series of questions, a reasonable match or enemy percentage ratio on profiles will appear which will help you to know your compatibility with another person.Because of this feature, the number of offensive messages received has reduced.The League dating application was launched in 2015.

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Of all the dating sites and apps out there, Tinder.

It is an “elite dating app” which means you have to give your job title, college or Linkedin profile.

This feature prevents users from lying about the jobs and thus keep you away from fake people.

When you install this app and sign up, it will show you all the users you have crossed paths within the last three hours, even though you were at home all day. If someone passes by who also has the app installed, you will receive a notification.

But this app is useful if you want to date your immediate neighbors.

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