Parenting dating violence

Tricia Neppl, coauthor and an assistant professor in human development and family studies, said there could be several reasons why.It could be that people are more stable in their relationships or the fact that they have children.But it is not surprising to them to see more teen girls initiating the violence.In the second study, drug and alcohol use, low parental monitoring, academic difficulties and involvement with antisocial peers were also significant early risk factors for perpetration of dating violence in late adolescence.The renewal of the Violence Against Women Act is a step in that direction, but researchers would like to see more education and programming in the schools or after-school programs that focus on the teen years.

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Witnessing violence by parents or a parent’s intimate partner can trigger for some children a chain of negative behaviors that follows them from preschool to kindergarten and beyond, according to ...

"It is true that if you grow up in a violent household you have a higher likelihood of being in a violent relationship," said Brenda Lohman, lead author and an associate professor of human development and family studies at Iowa State University.

The research focused on psychological violence instead of physical violence.

"Beyond parenting, I think it starts with peer skill building and peer development.

Adults can start by explaining appropriate things to say to other peers and that you don't call peers names.

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