Only acsi guys worth dating

I’m sure you know who is better off in terms of skills set.

An observation is that if you’re pursuing a very technical or professional degree, there’s marginal returns in interning in an organisation in that field before beginning university.

Having read my previous post, you’re probably wondering why it is that I don’t have that much to say about my academic experience at SMU.

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One thing’s for certain — they want to know about you. Do your due diligence about the club/society/committee before you interview for them.

As for how the CCA is people-wise, I guess there’s no real stereotype as we’re all from different schools and backgrounds.

After 15 years of dance, I thought I had already dealt with every possible personality, yet a surprise awaited at every corner.

The reason is that you literally know nothing about that field and so finding valuable learning opportunities would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

If you claim otherwise then that goes to show that the millions of dollars spent hiring well accredited faculty is a complete waste of resources. Maybe to a certain extent, but it remains that there’s a reason why you can’t take the bar based on an education you got on the Internet.

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