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Third party processors tend to handle fraud better, but there may be times when someone wants to send you money, but the processor will not accept their payment – for whatever reason.So there is good and bad in whichever method you choose to use to get money.The crypto coins do not have the same issues with controlling overlords taking percentages, holding your money, canceling your accounts, or reporting your financial activity to multiple agencies.Bitcoin is not anonymous – there are methods that can be used to minimize worldwide knowledge of your transactions through bitcoin.(click here to jump down the page to our top 3 paying video chat portals below) Once you have done the paperwork, sent in copies of your IDs, and been approved, you will get your own username and password to log into the performer side of their system.

You could also setup your own website, or simply get some payment methods set up and start e-whoring, as some call it, through other portals like facebook, instagram, etc.

There are options to get money emailed to you through gmail / google pay, and now facebook cash, and similar methods – however, I would not create a business plan around that – as these systems may not let you do it for adult related businesses, or they may for a while and then revoke the account at a later time.

There is also little known about how they plan to report the money sent and received to authorities like tax places and such – certainly a sticky situation compared to someone sending you some bitcoin or monero / zcash for example.

I would expect the average to be closer to one third – so if a customer if tipping you in a show, you may only get of that if other affiliates and expenses are getting paid.

If you get a 0 private show, you may only get paid of that.

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