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But since I'm not the best at talking and interviewing, I liked the idea because it would give me a chance to really think about my answer, so I went with it.The next day, they asked me a bunch of questions - maybe 20 questions that all seemed like legitimate graphic designer questions.Their emails are [email protected]@and [email protected] OF THESE. Well I have friends that work from home with big name corporations that actually paid for their equipment to work from home, it just happened a different way. Simply when you are on the HUNT and I do mean HUNT you get over excited about any contact for "employment".These devils attempted to send me a ,500 check for me to purchase my work station and equipment to "work from home". Also I did not know the difference of public/private setting for my resume.We went through the process and I got this towards the end. You will start work next 2 week so that means you have to be online as much as possible.

Silly of me to fall for it but the way they tried to set it up, "seemed" legit.

I was supposed to get a check the amount was never disclosed but from that check I would take out a week of training pay, 0 sign on bonus 0 set up fee and then buy the equipment with the remainder. I called verifone which was the company they were supposed to be representing and they verified the scam.

I didn't actually get red flags until the end of the 2nd week when they were insisting on doing a deposit through my bank app. They took down my information and all the details but I never heard back from them.

Just got the same kind of deal from someone claiming to represent Mc Kinsey Group, started on text, then moved to googletalk.

Even had me go review the site, which had video to watch on how to interview with them, which did not include googletalk.

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