Online dating and intimacy

Intimacy Issue #3: How to build and maintain trust A key ingredient in any healthy intimate relationship is trust. Therefore, give yourself and your potential partner permission to tread softly at first in the trust department. Again, by taking a risk and addressing this important issue, your partner will most likely appreciate your courage. Ultimately, intimacy is something that builds over time.Reveal yourselves slowly and carefully, paying attention to the other person’s words and actions. In any romantic relationship, it’s important to take things slow, communicate your needs while working to meet the other person’s needs, and build a level of trust you’re both comfortable with.Intimacy Issue #2: How to communicate your emotional needs Just as it’s important to be open and honest about your physical needs, it’s equally essential in an intimate relationship to communicate your emotional needs.By consistently expressing your feelings and needs in healthy ways, you give your potential partner a window into your emotional well being. Instead of letting fear keep you from broaching the subject, summon your inner strength and when the time is right, talk about it.If they respond favorably, working to meet your needs as well as expressing their own, you’re well on your way to building a solid foundation of intimacy. If and when red flags reveal themselves or you begin to feel unsafe or uncomfortable, stop. Proceed with caution until you have a clearer understanding of whether to continue building trust with this person or protect your heart and walk away. For example, a first date is most likely too soon to talk about being exclusive.

What follows are four common intimacy issues you may be scared to address, as well as some strategies to help you broach any subject with ease. Contrary to popular belief, intimacy is NOT purely physical.

Your partner will most likely thank you for being up front and honest.

In fact, by having this difficult discussion, you may deepen the level of intimacy between you.

One little word that can intimidate even the savviest single.

And when it comes to addressing intimacy issues with a partner, that can be even more fear-inducing.

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