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The Burner team investigated the issue and told me the problem was probably on the other person's end, which is quite possible given that I didn't have this issue with anyone else.

Using actual texting, we made tentative plans to hang out in the near future, but nobody followed up and I'm not sure whose court the ball is in right now.

When I explained that it wasn't my actual number, it made more sense to him.

But I think coming off forward worked to my advantage.

We were messaging back and forth so rapidly that it didn't make sense to keep checking my Ok Cupid messages every few minutes, and giving out my number allowed our conversation to flow more naturally.

We ended up meeting up after just a few days — probably sooner than we would have if the conversation stayed online, since most people view texting as the first step toward meeting up.

It's hard to follow up with all your matches on Tinder, and indicating that you plan to take the relationship off Tinder helps others foresee a return on their investment.

When I discovered the disposable number app Burner, which provides free, destructible phone numbers for users to give out on online dating sites, at work, or anywhere else where they may not want to disclose their real numbers, I thought maybe I'd found a solution.Burner lets you create multiple numbers for different people or uses (like work or online dating) and destroy, or "burn," them as you like so that the person with the number loses the ability to contact you.Burner's CEO Greg Cohn told me that people use the app for a lot more than online dating.I did not receive his initial text, so I pinged him again as our Coffee Meets Bagel communication line was about to close (the app only lets people message each other during the first few weeks after they're matched).We tried texting using Burner again, but I didn't receive all his texts, so I just gave out my real number.

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    Please note that you cannot register with Christian without accepting this agreement. The Christian service (hereinafter "TCC") is a way for single adults (never married/divorced/widowed) to meet other single adults (never married/divorced/widowed) online.