Norman reedus dating cecilia

It’s no secret that women love Reedus, known for playing Daryl Dixon on Courtney, on the other hand, made an impression by handing out dollar bills to dancers like candy, as the singer/actress certainly remembers her days struggling as a stripper herself.Love has made no secret that back in the 80s she worked such Los Angeles clubs like Jumbo’s Clown Room and Nude, Nude, Nude!Both Norman and Courtney are known for being a bit eccentric — or more than a bit in Courtney’s case — but do you think the two have something going romantically?Or are they just good friends having fun and flipping the bird figuratively at the media?I was like, OK, when I make a million dollars, then I’ll do all the drugs I want.Which I did, by the way.”If Norman Reedus and Courtney Love are getting romantically involved, going to a strip club makes for an odd date.Last week, Reedus and Love hung out at strip club Sapphire in New York City for their “SINS” night.They arrived together and it seems the Norman and Courtney made quite an impression on the dancers, albeit for different reasons.

got fans all hot and bothered from the idea of these two getting together in real life, but sadly, that just isn't the case. Sadly, hopes for a post-apocalyptic romance fizzled after she was kidnapped and later killed in season 5. It doesn't seem like Daryl will be going down the romance path anytime soon, either, as he told E!I remember one of her instagram pictures she posted of her captioned '2003' or something..she looked the same age as my ten year old brother. Like Oprah says "Once someone shows you who they are, believe them". Anyways, nope didn't Google her high school records just her name. Hey Lurker, I think most of us are on the same page here and the way you stated this, it should put this more in perspective for the ones saying that there is "nothing wrong" about this, good job!I never really clicked in that she must be so young. Trust me, once you have had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) cheat on you, finding shit out on the internet becomes pretty easy. All you people saying this is "OK", just wait until your 19 year old fresh faced little angel comes home with some 45 year old grizzled old man. Personally, I have two boys (13 and 10) and it may be a little different to consider in that respect, but if in 7-8 years my oldest were to come home with a "woman" who was 44 and introduce us, the first thing I would be thinking is "I'm going to kill this cradle robbing whore" and then "what the hell is wrong with this person" that they would go after someone more than half their age?!Are the two just friends, or is there more to the relationship?Could Norman Reedus be dating the infamous Hole front woman and widow of Kurt Cobain?

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