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As of May 2015, Max and Renee have broken up, but ended on good terms.On November 17, 2012, Max was officially removed from The Creatures.After his last video on May 14, 2018, he stopped uploading regularly.The only information about the hiatus comes from a clip on Hutch's Twitch page.

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The game involves a group of unknown players ("Traitors") attempting to kill all those not within that group (the "Innocent") while the Innocent attempt to discover and eliminate all the Traitors.

They kept their relationship secretive initially, until Cathy appeared in some of his videos where they were playing games together.

Many people often believe the occasional rumor that Cathy and Adam are married, even though Adam has stated that they are not. He had many shows on Machinima Respawn, such as "Hello Everyone!

After such a brazenly treacherous deed, Chilled yelled, "Never Trust Nanners! When playing the Garry's Mod gametype Murder, whenever he's the murderer, he mostly tells the others he's giving them a chance to lure them in, before killing them.

In Episode 7 of Gassy Mexican's Gmod Murder Let's Play, he agreed to do the honorable thing with Gassy, Gassy shooting the gun at him, and Nanners throwing the knife at him, but when Gassy grabbed the gun, Adam threw the knife at him (as it was another trap), causing Gassy to angrily shoot him dead.

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