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In my last Weekly Rewind I alluded to a dramatic episode I suffered with the Nokia N900 at the weekend.

I wanted to tell that story in full and I figured it deserved it’s own post.

However, when I was prompted about another available update later in the week the process was anything but smooth.

Little did I know it but my problems were just beginning.

My phone desktop came up pretty much as it had before but with some app icons missing and sporting the original blue N900 theme.

I’d made some backups of the data on the phone and also used the internal backup application to store contacts, settings and other things.

It seemed as though the Nokia update software had wiped the phone and then promptly crashed before copying over the new firmware.

I was wondering how I could explain all this to the company when when sending the device back when I hopped on to talk to people about it.

It all worked beautifully and I was very impressed.Nevertheless I managed to procure a machine running Windows XP and install the update software.I connected the phone and ran the process as instructed.I’ll also try to offer a little advice about flashing Maemo devices from a Linux desktop, based on my relatively limited but successful experience.There are already very good guides for this around though, so I don’t want to just duplicate them.

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