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There’s no denying labels can be very important, to help people forge a sense of identity in a world where they may feel more marginalised – every letter in the growing LGBTQIA alphabet has fought for and earned its place.

But just as labels can reassure, they can also confine or confuse, or seem like a restriction to those terrified of being defined by it for ever.

Even if he does not think that far ahead, if he can fit her into his schedule eight months from now without hesitation, he probably loves her.

Johnny Kilhefner is a writer with a focus on technology, design and marketing.

For men, being in love resembles that in-the-zone feeling athletes experience.

Graduating from the playground of infatuation to the stadium of love, a man wears his heart on his sleeve like Kobe Bryant's wristband, breathless and overjoyed from the rush of the game.

Love encourages men to feel confident and passionate, and as though love is the only thing in the world worth caring about.

Leave a man in this state to his devices and he will likely outstay his conversational welcome.You can’t blame some for not feeling any desperate need to “belong” – with reported crimes against LGTBQ people on the up and a political atmosphere that feels increasingly likely to push back on the community’s hard-won freedoms.Although coming out is a huge part of your life as an LGBTQ person and can be a liberating experience, it’s not for everyone, and some men are rejecting this what you embrace their label but have sex with guys who don’t?Love turns a man lacking the foresight to tilt the showerhead away from the curtain into a Nostradamus of love.If he loves her, he probably has spoken her name using his last name more than a few times, planned future living arrangements beneficial to both partners' lifestyles and suggested dinner with her parents for the first time.

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