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It's made of rugged plastic for exceptional stability.

The overall dot pattern is as functional as it is subtle, providing ventilation ...

It's formed of durable yet soft plastic, making it a lightweight choice for carting loads to and from the washer.

I stacked three on top of each other but I felt it would not withstand my kid pulling on it to stand up so I tied it on the back and side just to give me some safety feel.

If that flaw was fixed, these would get 5 stars from me.

The bin capacity is just perfect for the products I store in them.

I bought them to use in my 2 yr old son’s playroom and if he even leans on them slightly they pop out of place.

I still love their look and they are big enough to fit a good amount of his smaller toys so I’m keeping them but I will just be annoyed at having to put them back together all the time.

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