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Episode 21: The Therapist Matlock is hired by a popular actor after he's accused of killing the man who ran the sex-therapy clinic where he was staying. Matlock While defending a union boss Matlock comes under scruitiny when a juror accuses Matlock of paying him off to vote a certain way.

Episode 23: The Photographer Amy Adler had a juvenile record before becoming a photographer's assistant and after the photographer she works for is murdered, she begs Matlock to defend her.

Episode 15: The Author When an attempt is made on the life of an author of a book exposing citizens of a small town, Matlock is called in to defend the suspected killer.

Episode 16: The Rat Pack Matlock investigates the death of an entrepreneur’s girlfriend when he takes on the case believing in his innocence.

Episode 9: The Sisters When Matlock’ old friend Harold Scully is charged with murdering his wealthy wife, Matlock comes to his defense.

Episode 10: The Crop Matlock takes on the case of a cop who is suspected in the death of a fellow cop.

Episode 6: The Seduction Matlock’s daughter learns a lesson about not believing what she reads in the papers after she unfairly judges an aging football star her father is representing.

Episode 7: The Don (1) When a well-known mobster, is accused of murdering one of his rivals, Matlock risks his own health and safety by representing him.

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Episode 30: The Husband When Matlock agrees to defend Cassie's friend, he is shocked to learn the woman’s husband had another wife.

Episode 11: The Angel Matlock finds himself representing a free-spirited rock accused of killing her manager, but can’t remember the event due to an alcohol induced black-out.

Episode 12: The Professor Matlock is called upon by his old Professor who is accused of having hit a mailman while drunk-driving.

Episode 13: Santa Claus When a down-on-his luck Santa Claus is accused of killing a nasty landlord, the people in his building hire Matlock to represent him.

Episode 14: The Chef Matlock agrees to defend Victoria Edwards after he ex-husband, Michael dies while tasting food on her cooking show.

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