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Her eyes strained but could not make out anything past the portal.Luna’s bedchamber lay shrouded in magical darkness - clearly the princess liked to sleep in the dark.When she recovered from her chagrin, she reloaded to lose the bruise and trotted up to the door nervously.There was no immediate answer to her timid knock, so she steeled herself and did it again more forcefully.With ninjistic stealth, vulpine cunning and the obligatory black catsuit, she slipped into the palace grounds.With ghostlike grace, she glided through the corridors unobserved by anypony who would raise the alarm (she was observed by a number of ponies who would not raise an alarm, because they had lived in the palace for years and knew Twilight Sparkle by now).Finding how to get close to Luna, finding the weaknesses of her terrifying guards, learning her likes and dislikes.

Twilight had listed all the problems that would need to be overcome with the powers of foreknowledge that the spell would grant her.

They brought comfort and order to her life - they were precious to her.

She still had her mammoth ’First Day At School’ checklist in safe keeping, alongside the even longer ’First Date (Mare)’ checklist (every item neatly ticked, some lines multiple times), ’First Date (Stallion)’ checklist (currently untouched) and the truly massive ’Moving to Ponyville’ checklist that took up half the box she kept them in (it had been a trying time for her). It was written by her own hoof as she did not dare dictate it to Spike.

The spell she cast captured her state of mind, sealing it in the strange bust in the centre of the library.

When she came back and faced the bust, her memories of Ponyville and her friends would be returned to her.

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