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Also,are you including the old original form that you received in sealed envelope with RFE? Applied I-485 on July 2nd, EAD/AP in 2nd week of August. His I140 was not filed under premium processing as the employer said that it is a waste of money as the GC will not come in a months time ( as the retrogression took place from Nov 2006). I had a valid US visa and I was traveling from Cincinnati to New Delhi via Paris on Air France.In mean time I have another question, My flight is from Chicago to Delhi, but I have to take a loacl flight from Miami to Chicago, all my international baggage check in's are at the Miami. and ask me to ask them after 45 days if I still not hear anything from NSC. But, since I am an Indian national and did not have a transit visa, France custom officer told me that I am "illegally" in France.They give a letter saying Mr/Ms xx worked in our company from date x to date x. So the question is in those cases how to get a job description letter.

So you don't think that test engineer position would qualify for EB2?

Hi Chirupally, I had similar RFE where USCIS wanted doctor's original signature. I am include the ONLY the new sealed envelope that has latest form as the doctor discarded the old form. I just received the gold color form and the letter stating whats RFE about. I guess he is going to sign with today's date only. I guess I should agree with Jerrome because I am going to India 2 weeks from now and My friend who recently had been to India mentioned the same. Got receipts for EAD/AP from NEC on Aug 29, checks cleared today for I-485 from TSC. My flight from Cincinnati got delayed and I missed my connecting flight in Paris.

Doctor's filled out a new form (latest version) with all the information from the old form. I guess since only partial information is missing, they did not send me back the old form. I have asked the same question to my immigration lawyer, I will post it when I get a reply. She send a request to NSC to look for my application. All the passengers that had the green card or US citizenship were allowed to stay in Hotel outside the airport.

Sending AP (or any other immigration document in original) outside of the US (e.g., to India) via courier/mail is risky, if not forbidden by law. Yes pretty much looks OK but I wont be comfortable if this is format your parents will use. For parents I am not comfortable with the statement "and that________father�s name) is his/her father and _____________ (mother�s name) is his/her mother." So just dig a little and there were members who have posted the sample for parents and close relative. t=5036&page=7 Affidavit does not have a unique format identified by INS, hence different attorneys may have different layouts. To my mind this is the ONLY fees that we are paying which really means something useful to us...

This can easily be defeated if challenged in a court of law. After paying thousands of dollars in fees to USCIS (H1/485/EAD/AP), hundreds to Do S (visa stampings), and sponsoring multiple trips to Hawaii for my lawyer (his fees would make you faint) this is finally a fee that actually does something useful to the applicant, and I would gladly pay this for my family members.

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