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Any monkey can play classical music with enough practice, but maybe 1 in 100 can play jazz at a high level, and maybe 1 in 1000 can improvise at that level.

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An event where a girl lost her contact lens ^^; On the main field, you (and other major characters) can perform songs for practice.

I am wondering if anyone else is playing this game or planning to play it? ^^ Yes, it's a dating game, but it has no battles or anything like that. In the second game, you work together with them in a series of concerts.

^^ I can't speak or read Japanese so it was hard for me playing these... ^^ Like usual, KOEI Japan put some video links inside that gamers can only open when they have found certain keywords or events while playing the games. I still have a lot of videos to open for each characters... ^^ I'm also willing to help anyone who's playing this.

In La Corda d'Oro 2 Encore I have opened all videos.

In the first game, you compete against the boys to win a music competition. -ok sorry i was just looking for ppl that had posted something about it ok- oh n i saw the anime n i plan on playing it but first i have to find it n i liked it cuz i play an instrument n all so i liked it ^_^ so were did u find the game i've looked every were!!!!!

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