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Let’s give a bit of a background of the show, for those who may be less well versed in it’s history.The initials JAG actually stand for Judge Advocate General, and it essentially represents what the show is about – criminal activity and it’s correction by our justice system.Meredith first appeared in the seventh season, when she meets with Admiral A. Despite the mishap, the two start dating each other and even get engaged, but when Meredith breaks her loyalty to him, the couple go on their separate ways. Since her appearance on JAG, Isabella Hofmann has had roles in over thirty successful television shows, such as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami, NCIS, Suits, and the CW eccentric comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – most of which were guest roles, rather than recurring roles.She has also participated in several movies, including crime drama West End, and the 2010 musical drama Burlesque.

Before JAG, Anne-Marie was known for several major roles, such as Althea in crime drama In the Heat of the Night, Nadine in the show What’s Happening Now! Scroll down and check out her short and/or medium blonde hairstyles & haircuts. Would you believe that Turner, who played Lieutenant Harriet Sims, is also a traveling comedian? Along with Kathy Griffin and Michael Mc Donald, Turner performed comedy for American troops.He also took on the leading role of Wolf West in comedy-drama show, Scoundrels.The actor has recently appeared in the sitcom Mom, and in the ABC crime drama, Secrets and Lies.

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